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New LinkedIn home page

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Linkedin homepage definitely looks less awful. It's still far from being "ok"

Look and feel:

1. Twitter called, they want bootstrap back... If you want you page to look more modern, it does not mean it needs to look like everything else...

2. Can someone educate people there about margins and paddings??... Profile photos on the newsfeed are not padded...


Dear LinkedIn, do you really have to follow the "best practices" from twitter, facebook and yahoo all at the same time.

1. Do people really share status updates on linkedin so much that it's a first thing from the top?...

2. LinkedIn is not Yahoo, I will not go to the home page to get the set of latest generic news. 70% of the home page real estate is irrelevant to me.

On linkedin I want to see who seen my profile and my network profile updates first.

These should be the center of the home page.

LinkedIn really wants people to share status updates, so that's why they're making it so prominent.

Unclear it will work without Twitter there.

I try to set my LinkedIn status at least once a week.

Interesting, what is the motivator to use LInkedIn as opposed to Twitter for status update?

They should be able to just connect to my twitter account and push my twitter updates to the newsfeed.

I thought that profile updates, which do appear in the newsfeed is the status update.

Profile updates are much more powerful because these are structured.

LinkedIn goes to my professional network, whereas Twitter is broadcast to all.

Plus, Twitter streams by so fast. A good LinkedIn status will send me people Steadily over days.