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Instagram now has more daily active users than Twitter.

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Instagram passed Twitter in mobile active users in August:

Instagram Twitter daily active users

Now Instagram has passed Twitter in total active users.

No wonder Twitter is trying to counter this by adding Instagram features to Twitter.

I believe Facebook now officially owns the 2 biggest smartphone apps:

Facebook and Instagram.

And Facebook is just getting started when it comes to mobile...

Also, looking at Quantcast, Tumblr now has 6.8 million daily active U.S. users.

Which could mean that Tumblr will pass Twitter in daily active U.S. users soon.

It really does make me wonder about the future of Twitter.

 Yet TC just wrote two articles on the same day calling the end of Facebook AND Apple.

Can we fire Techcrunch yet? They're worse than political pundits on cable tv.

The only TechCrunch I've read lately are articles you've stashed on PandaWhale.

For tech news Business Insider is the first place I look, and I like TechMeme too.

I just visited TechCrunch and thought it was pretty good.

What don't you like about it?

 I like TechMeme. I like TC too; BI is a good ref thanks for the info -- might start looking at them first.

Since they allow people to say whatever they want, some of their articles could use great reality fact-checking, copyediting, and better journalists.

TechCrunch values speed and quantity over quality.

If you want fact-checking and journalism, try Xconomy.

 Instagram has the fickle teen market... and the kids aren't really tweeting anymore.. they're all tumbling their instagrams.  Twitter _could_ win the kids back, but it's pretty rare for that demo to go back to something they've abandoned.

Looking at Quantcast, Tumblr now has 6.8 million daily active U.S. users.

So Tumblr is neck-and-neck with Twitter on U.S. daily actives.

On U.S. monthly actives, Twitter is 90 million and Tumblr is 60 million so they still have a way to go.

I think you're absolutely right about the fickle teen market.  I happen to have the opportunity to observe a pod in their natural habitat.  A few observations over the past 24 months or so:

24 mo. ago

> Twitter was SO old people (think FOXnews)

> Cool kids all have tumblr accounts.

12 mo. ago

> EVERYBODY is dropping their Facebook accounts

> OMGPop rocks

> Whole lot of the other kids are using Twitter (but it's still not cool)

9 mo. ago

> Instagram rocks.  Everybody's keeping score with #tags, and monitoring numbers of followers.

> Best found pictures flow into Tumblr.

> SnapChat takes over, has a sneaky side.  Becomes a little dirty and disappears.

3 mo. ago

> Instagram still rocks, starts to function like Facebook status updates, with status accruing to those with the most followers.

> Tumblr keeps on going.

> Voxer rocks for push-to-chat between friends.

Conclusion: Yes the teen set is fickle, but they are sticking to Instagram and Tumblr.  The why is the interesting part.  Oh, and everyone in social media should adopt a pod of teens. (Just don't be creepy about it.)

Agreed, Instagram and Tumblr seem to have made it to critical mass.

Twitter and Facebook continue to decline.

It's unclear what comes next. But I'm sure the teens will know before I do.

Personally, I find myself using Instagram less, Twitter less, Facebook less.

Tumblr more. Tumblr is a keeper.

See also on Quora: Could Tumblr pass Twitter in number of daily active U.S. users?

And also see other stats I've collected in my Active Users stash.

That doesn't sound like a pivot. It sounds like more of the same.

Am I missing something? A tool for a brand to amplify its tweets is not pivoting, right?

 Oh I forgot the irony tag

I also would have accepted a sarcasm tag.

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