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Success at Work, Failure at Home | Scott Weiss

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Honest, fair-minded assessment of himself as a husband and father by former CEO and current VC Scott Weiss. Would be interested to see equally honest assessments from his former partners and employees, current ones, current mentees, and of course his family :)

So basically he's saying not to do what he did, but instead to do what he's doing now that he's a venture capitalist?

I took about 18 months off in between IronPort and joining Andreessen Horowitz. During that time, I was packing lunches, driving carpools, and making dinners, and began doing my real part in the family. With the help of my wife and other role-model dads, I essentially got re-programmed and it has continued to work for us even though I’m working full-time again. Now one might say that being a partner at a VC firm, even a hard working one, isn’t the same as being a founder/CEO of a startup… I’ll admit that’s true. However, now that I’m on the other side, I believe that I could have coached my former CEO self to success as well. Here are the most critical things I needed to change:

1. Disconnect to connect.

2. Participate.

3. Communicate.

4. Planning and priorities.

Is it possible that what he did before he became a venture capitalist was necessary for his success?

Good point, he could have been a great dad and husband, but an average business man, maybe working for somebody else, never starting anything up himself.

Maybe it's better to put off marriage and kids until you get your career in a good position.

Yes. Or even better, admit that there is no one way to success.

Perhaps work-life balance is not the right path for everyone.

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