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The Evolution of the Web

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Check out the full page for a lovely animation.

Here's a 2628x1512 version (click through): 

evolution of the web huge version

Found on this page:

Where is the Mobile Web?

This is beautiful but it's completely missing Webkit!

(I can forgive them for not mentioning Flock and Rockmelt, but not Webkit.)

The thing that strikes me in looking at this is how incredibly complicated The Web has gotten, especially in the last 2 years.

Interesting how web technologies can time travel.. (-:

So... where do we go from here?

Adam you are so kind... (-:

I was making a double entendre... (-;

I was being snarky about how some of the technology curves seems to start in a certain year year and then dive beautifully swerving into a year previous to the one they started in before making the flamboyant progress into the next year. Just could not help notice that time progress needs to be linear even though it would talk away some of the beauty in the illustration.

But you ask the more profound of the two questions -- Where we go from here?

The future is unknown.

It could be very dark and perhaps step closer to complete destruction of all that is open and all that made the Web an amazing achievement, the only one of it's kind at that scale that humanity has to show for, since the beginning of time. Nothing else we humans have created is as open, democratic, global, accessible and malleable as the Web.

The threat from the flourishing walled gardens and raging platform wars are very real and could turn out to be potentially fatal.

On the other hand, Web is also quite a resilient invention. Over the past two decades, it has morphed, adapted and shown a remarkable capability to thrive against odds.

The eternal optimist in me wants to believe the later will be true for our future and for the future of the Web.

I believe in the future of The Web as well.

If you ask me what PandaWhale's mission is, it is to expand The Web.

We want to give people the tools to pull great content out of Walled Gardens and give it a permanent, archived home in the open, public Web.

But we realize we live in a world of mobile apps, and we want that open, public Web content to be available to mobile apps for the benefit of their users.

So a hybrid world -- with a thriving open public Web and lots of apps that make use of its content -- is the world I want to live in.

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