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Ford CEO Says Privacy Laws Needed Amid In-Car Tech Boom

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Amazingly forthright of him!

It might have been a wee bit of PR from his Global Marketing Chief's statement the prior week:   "Ford knows when drivers of its vehicles violate traffic laws."

Oh geez. It's hard to trust ANY corporation.

"Drivers’ privacy needs to be protected by law, said Alan Mulally, chief executive officer of Ford Motor Co. (F), as more vehicles add Internet connectivity and location-based services.

The company is “supportive and participating” in talks with regulators who are considering such legislation, Mulally said yesterday at the Detroit auto show. He countered comments made last week by his global marketing chief, who said Ford knows when drivers of its vehicles violate traffic laws.

“It’s just really important that we have boundaries and guidelines to operate,” Mulally, 68, told reporters on the sidelines of the show. “Our homes, the cars, everything is going to be on the Internet. Everything’s going to be connected. And so what are the guidelines? What do we want?”

Why is the CEO of Ford asking this while Google and Facebook are conspicuously silent?

Cause it's part of their business model ;)

Only until enough people get fed up with it enough to stop using their products.

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