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IKEA bypasses QR codes, catalog to use augmented reality

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nice augmented reality app with ikea

I'm astonished by this usage of AR. That's cool and not too geeky to see mainstream use!

It's a really good reminder of just how simple it needs to be to be compelling to regular people. It's funny, I'm struck by how it feels like you're using your smartphone like a mouse over the paper. It's also interesting that people would use a phone or a tablet to "read" a paper catalog. I imagine they've done a lot of testing.

My sense is that users would "browse" the catalog then stop when they find something interesting and "dig in" with the phone. Very interesting. I love the video, really nicely done.

As far as simplicity goes, they learned a lot from Word Lens.

Beautiful app. And yes, great video!

Thanks for posting this, I probably wouldn't have seen it otherwise (one of the beauties of discovery in this here Pandawhale!)

Barbara, I agree. Fred, thanks for sharing this -- I never would have seen it otherwise.

Made me start an Augmented Reality stash!

I'm tweeting this, too.