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The Things Recruiters Won't Tell You During the Job Interview

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Reasons Why You Never Ace Your Interview

• You don't dress well enough for the interview • You have poor grooming • You have poor communication skills • Your personality stinks • You are perfect

Things You Dint (sp) Know About Recruiters

• The position doesn't exist • The position was withdrawn • The client is not cooperating

Things Your Recruiter Will Not Tell You

• You intimidate them • You irritate them • You don't look good enough

On that last point:

Since we all have egos, the last thing you'd want to do is intimidate the recruiter because they will obviously make a personal decision even when you are the right person for the job. There may also be things about you that simply irritate the recruiter such as your pitch or your personality.

How you look also matters and while the recruiter will not tell you that you are overweight or too thin, this could be the reason why you will not get the job.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes through a recruiter's mind. Some of their tactics may be ruthless, unfair and unethical but at the end of the day we depend on them to get the jobs we need.

I wonder how ruthless, unfair, and unethical recruiters can succeed.

What I take away is that at the end of the day, getting a job is as much about building relationships as it is about having qualifications. I have a  successful friend who asks himself a key question when making a hiring decision: "Would I want to take a 5 hour road trip with this person?" If the answer is no, then what would it feel like to work with that person every day? 

5 hour road trips are easy. Isn't working with someone more like being trapped on a desert island?

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