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Victorian Domestic Servant Hierarchy and Wages

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First Footman

Next in line to replace the butler. His main job was to be tall, handsome and represent the estate's grandeur. He accompanied the lady of the house on shopping expeditions, served the family meals and assisted the butler in his duties. Oddly, his responsibility did not include heavy work such as carrying coal or water. These were left the the female staff. His salary was around 30 pounds ($3,200) a year. Many footman's salaries were based one how tall they were rather than how well they did their work.The taller and more impressive they were the more they received. Their income was supplemented by 5-15 pounds ($500-$1,500) a year in tips and other gifts from lady of the house.

Second Footman

Similar to the first footman but in more of an apprenticeship status.Twenty-five pound ($2,700) per year. Premium salaries were paid to a pair of first and second footman whose size and appearance made them look like twins. The idea was that they were most impressive if, like book ends, they matched.

Makes me wonder what the cost of living was those days.

And how they spent their leisure time with no Internet access.

They had internet access.  It was called the pub.

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