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It takes a good five years to achieve something meaningful.

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Derek Handley's talk is worth watching:

I like his statement about five years:

19,392 is apparently the number of days that I have left to live.

And although it sounds like a lot, over the last few years I've come to realize that it probably takes you a good five years to achieve something meaningful. Turns out that 19,392 is really only 10 of those 5 year blocks. So when you think about having to achieve ten things and that's all you've got, you'll be much wiser in how you spend each of those chapters...

...When I was 21 and starting out, I was aspiring to be an entrepreneur, because I wanted to build businesses. I wanted to make a living, I wanted to make a mark, and I really wanted to make money.

Ten years on, after this period I started to see things very differently and I started to see entrepreneurship as one of the greatest assets of society to make the world a potentially better place. As an answer to many of the world's ills, and as an enabler to much of the world's opportunity.

Well said, sir. Well said.

Five years is a very long time to work on something.

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