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Why We Should All Be Scared Of the Lulu App

Why We Should All Be Scared Of Lulu App - Forbes

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Lulu, which was recently profiled in the New York Times, is essentially a crowd sourced little black book for women. Women can sync up their Facebook account to the app, find male friends with whom they are connected to on Facebook and then rate their experiences dating them via the app. Women can rate men anonymously and choose from hashtags to help warn off other women from these men such as “#NeverSleepsOver” and “#F***edMeAndChuckedMe”. (Of course, some men have great ratings and comments, but these are few and far between.)

However, it is also a scary indicator of the type of anger millennials harbor as they date. This demographic “dates” less and increasingly relies on social media to communicate. As a result, the depth of their relationships is relatively shallow compared to those of older generations at the same points in their lives. Millennials  are perhaps the loneliest generation, yet armed with more ways to say it than ever. They have dozens of apps to share their life, be it by pictures, videos, and status updates. Now, as this generation takes on the adult responsibilities of relationships, millennial women now have a way to show how angry they are when a man fails to meet her expectations.

The Good: Transparency makes people behave better.

The Bad: It is way too easy to ruin someone's reputation undeservedly.

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