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Dream Water Banned Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

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Why banned?

For being to sexy/raunchy was what I came across, also some are saying it's suspicious, could be a hoax ad.

Multiple sellers on Amazon, and store search shows it is sold in many stores in my small town, looks legit.

The company looks legit but their submitting it as a Superbowl ad looks like it was a hoax.

Production values aren't there and as you said, too raunchy for TV.

The PR alone from being "banned", if they even really submitted it, will be huge ;)

Right, because everyone is at least curious about something that has been banned.

You should come up with a PandaWhale ad for Super Bowl 2015, just make sure it would be banned, then post it to YouTube ;) lol

Yes! I will put my thinking cap on.

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