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The Age Of The Social Network Is Ending

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Wow! Fascinating article and really well said. I agree with it. 

What is the main takeaway?

The main take-away is that the age of one big over-arching social network is over and that there is still huge opportunity in creating mobile apps built around social.

Cool. Along those lines, are there any mobile apps you use regularly and recommend?

I feel I already have too many Apps, I'm constantly throwing them away, and already have enough sites I visit multiple times a day, so breaking apart my Social Network (for me, mainly Facebook), into many more focused sites, is just going to be more cluttered for me, at least that's my thoughts with the little information provided, maybe in actuality it will save me time, and be less cluttered with stuff I don't use ;)

"What trend? The single-purpose app trend. The age of the great “social network” is coming to an end. Consumers are now moving towards services1 that are much more focused. You don’t go to them to do everything “social”, you go to them to do one thing. The best of these services entice you to do that one thing over and over and over again."

I really dislike having to use a frozen different messaging apps because every app has different people who insist on using it. So I know what you mean about the appeal of a single app.

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