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Mieders, Austria Alpine Coaster (no brake ride)

from Huffington Post:

While it's not the world's fastest or highest, this Austrian downhill coaster is nevertheless terrifying, as evidenced by this first-person video of the downhill plunge.

The single-pipe alpine coaster located in Mieders, Austria, is reachable only by taking a suspended cable car to the top of the mountain. Once at the top, riders sit on a small car equipped with a brake lever and zoom down the steep mountainside. But this brave soul decided to show us what it would be like without using the brake lever through the entire ride.

3.5 kilometers long,  1,500 meters above sea level, and 500 meters in elevation!

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Another one showing what the cars look like, and they do have breaks, the other guy didn't use it!

Still scary!

This is why we will never get one in America!

Perhaps one day there will be no more lawyers and we can all take scary risks again.

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