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Emperor's New Groove Kuzco groovin' gif


Thank you BigMurph26 for remaking this gif.

kuzco groovin gif emporers new groove imgur

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adam, you flirt!  you KNEW i would have to stash this!!!  i love your disney gifs!!

I love the Disney gifs too, Emily -- that's why I'm always looking for more!

And yes, I do love sharing them with you.

Not all the gifs I find are goody-goody. I've found another nefarious parody of Frozen that I'm thinking about stashing, called "Let Em Burn", where Elsa is a queen of fire instead of ice. Bad Elsa!

Kuzco Im so happy gif Imgur emperors new groove

haha!  i actually say this from time to time, just like kuzco does! (but no one gets it!)

Well now I get it! Do you say it the way David Spade does, or do you have your own intonation?

Higher quality version of the I'm so happy gif:

just like david spade. :)

That's as happy as Pharrell!

haha!  yes!

Being happy beats the alternative.

emperors new groove sad kids gif Imgur

Thank you DrRhymes for this gif.


I forgot that movie had a lot of feels to it -- not just David Spade doing his Schtick.

haha! i can't wait to see the bad elsa!

Boom Baby!

kuzco dancing boom baby gif Imgur Emperors New Groove

Thank you DrRhymes for making this gif.


kuzco OH YEAH gif Imgur Emperors New Groove

yzma Kronk jump rope dancing patty cake gif imgur

Thank you backwards_d for making this gif.

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