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Michelle Jenneke NOT in the Olympics.

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This video of hurdler Michelle Jenneke went viral this week and I thought "Cool! An Olympic athlete goes viral!" but actually she will NOT be in the Olympics.

BuzzFeed says:

Michelle "Shelly" Jenneke is a 19-year-old from New South Wales, Australia, where she trained from the age of 10 on at the Cherrybrook Athletics Club. Photos of her are all over the website, and she owns a bunch of the club's girls hurdling records. She was a part of Australia's delegation at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games, running the 100 meter hurdles and the women's medley relay; in the hurdles, she came in 2nd, and the medley relay team came in 4th.

Apparently she is "one of the most bubbly athletes on the Australian Youth Olympics Team on a normal day." Going into the 2012 Barcelona World Junior Championships, she was one of Australia's best hopes for a medal, and she didn't disappoint, taking the gold.

Read more.

She does smoke the competition in the above video.


She slowed down at the end.

Because she knew she had won it!


so a future Olympian?

It's certainly possible.

I don't know what the probability of the world junior championship medalist making it to the Olympics in four years, though.

What's interesting about her is that her video went viral a week before the Olympics -- instead of any number of talented Olympic athletes!

The Internet is pretty obsessed with her, from BuzzFeed...

anigif_enhanced-buzz-18959-1342715250-0. Imgur. What the heck is she eating in this image?



She is fairly attractive.

I first heard of usain bolt when he was 16 years old, 6 years before he would win in Beijing.

He was a world junior champion in the 200m.

She is more than fairly attractive. =p

The world and the internet both prefer hotties.

The Olympics has many fine looking athletes.

Examples are Hope Solo and Ryan Lochte:



And so on, and so on, and so on...

2012 Olympics, baby!!

Some other Olympics pages you might enjoy:

Meanwhile, more Michelle Jenneke dancing at 1:24 in this video:

Michelle Jenneke in the rain




Some facts about Michelle Jenneke you didn't know:

1. She's 19. (born June 23, 1993)

2. She prefers to be called Shelly.

3. She didn't qualify for London 2012, but watch for Shelly in Rio 2016!

And here's more great Michelle Jenneke images and gifs:












Michelle Jenneke with extremely photogenic guy meme







Michelle Jenneke is a worldwide sensation. One more time...




19-year-old Kirani James won the Olyympic 400 today, he was World Junior Champ TWO years ago. This year's champ, Santos, was second today. Solomon from Australia made that final, he's 19.

But none of them do ANYTHING like... this!

Terry, you got that right. :)

It's interesting to me what a wide range of ages compete in Olympic track and field.

Some teenagers, lots of 20something's, and some 30something's, too.

Ivet Lalova is also a great competitor.

Click here for more Ivet Lalova please.

Ivet Lalova gif Michelle Jenneke Allison Stokke

And so is pole vaulter Allison Stokke.

Allison Stokke hot sexy ass

Allison Stokke beautiful

best pandawhale convo ever

Thank you Jared! The Internet is enjoying this page, too.

Michelle Jenneke and Forever Alone Guy:

Michelle Jenneke and Forever Alone Guy

The video:

The GIFs:

Michelle Jenneke Forever Alone Guy breakfast gif Michelle Jenneke bounces with crew and Forever Alone guy dance dancing gif

Michelle Jenneke forever alone beach gif Michelle Jenneke forever alone video game gif

Michelle Jenneke forever alone food gif Michelle Jenneke forever alone brushing gif

Michelle Jenneke forever alone chive gif Michelle Jenneke forever alone fireworks gif

Michelle Jenneke Forever Alone dancing with crew gif

The music in the video:

hottest girl ever and she knows how to dance too, by the way she also dressed up as Wonder Woman

She makes a great Wonder Woman, because everyone wonders what she'll do next.

Michelle Jenneke as Wonder Woman:

Michelle Jenneke Wonder Woman costume Hulk Halloween

Michelle Jenneke Wonder Woman Hulk

Michelle Jenneke Wonder Woman

We expect that Michelle Jenneke costumes will be big for Halloween 2012.

Michelle Jenneke Halloween costume

Michelle Jenneke sexy dance gif

Michelle Jenneke three sexy poses

Or perhaps Allison Stokke...

Michelle Jenneke rain dance gif

Michelle Jenneke rain dance gif

Thank you, Reddit and thank you, Tosh.0.

Michelle Jenneke in jeans -- hot!

Next up: Allison Stokke.

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