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Disruptions: Looking Beyond Silicon Valley's Bubble -

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will have to agree on this.

Why do we have to agree?

we don't really have to agree about everything, as his musings about those extravagant parties are a rare piece these days (more often than not, they are taboo). but finding hope on those who want to make a change in the pace of human evolution is something that i can agree on what he said.

I agree with you, Fred.

I haven't been to a party in a long time. Those are for the privileged few.

Most of us struggle to make something great for the world.

We struggle for survival.

Serious people who do serious business do not party and do not even spend much. they work hard to mark a dent in the universe. If zuck wanted, he could have spend millions on his honeymoon like the beckhams do. Elon musk made $180m from paypal, spent $100m in SpaceX, $70m in Tesla & $10m in Solar City and had to borrow money for rent.



Anuj, well said... And spreading to Facebook... and then back to PandaWhale...

The Atlantic has started to make a habit of commenting on the comments about NYTimes stories. Last weekend's Bilton article is no exception: The Atlantic Wire Silicon Valley Hates People Talking About its Love Spending Money

"Rich boring money guys. Bad. Cool, hip tech innovators. Good."

I still don't know where any of these "rich boring money guys" are, but I'd be happy to party with them if they'd introduce themselves to me.

I don't know anything about Zuck, but the movie made it seem that alcohol as a stress relief and an addiction to making (unique) progress to see where it goes were the main drivers.

I am reminded of Andreesen's story about when Netscape IPO'd and he looked at his trading account in August 1995...he went back home and went to sleep for a few hours. Most people that haven't been there think that's the time to go celebrate and party, but it's not. It's a time for reflection, quiet appreciation, and relief.

Entrepreneurs push the limits of everything, even exhaustion.

p.s. Is it just me or do the guy and the girl in the picture have the same haircut?

p.p.s. Monkey's posing for Instagram photos reminds me of Hangover 2....raunchy!

p.p.p.s “Hey! You’re Nick Bilton from The Times!” I once heard someone yell when I was standing at a bathroom urinal. “I’m an entrepreneur — can I show you my new iPhone application?”


They DO have the same haircut.

I thought the point is that there is no finish line.

Whatever workaholism got us here continues long after we have "success".

See, for example, a day in the life of Elon Musk.