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Walking Dead season 4 episode 9 "After" gifs and memes

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Let's bring you back up to speed with a summary of the first three and a half seasons:

Walking Dead Carl meme season 4 bring it on Imgur

Carl Grimes season 5 meme Imgur

Yeah season 5 yeah!!

Walking Dead meme Brace Yourself Spoilers Are Coming Imgur

Looks like the second half of season 4 we're dealing with all the survivors splitting up.

This episode has Carl growing up, eating pudding, and then realizing he doesn't want to be alone.

This corresponds to books 49 and 50 in the graphic novel series.

Meanwhile Michonne faces her PTSD -- killing Hershel's head, reflecting on her original "pets", and then destroying a pack of 23 zombies when one of them reminds her of herself.

"Carl, less than an hour ago the Governor was crushing my windpipe. It's kinda hard for me to keep pace, can you slow down?"

"No Dad! I'm having my edgy teenager moment of the episode!"

Heres a summary of the Carl-Rick dynamic tonight:

Rick Carl meme Walking Dead After 4x09 Imgur

Worst Carl line: "Shane taught me. Remember him?"

"Shane taught me. Remember him?" - Imgur

I mean, really Carl? Really?

how Carl takes care of an injured Rick meme Walking Dead After 4x09 Imgur

I miss Hershel already.

Best Hershel quotes walking dead meme Imgur

Now we know why a Michonne was so into taking care of Judith:

Michonne with baby Walking Dead After 4x09 meme Imgur

This episode's plot came from issues 49 and 50 of the graphic novels.

Walking Dead After 4x09 Carl I don't think I need you anymore Imgur

Walking Dead Bill Cosby

112 ounces of pudding, eh?

Carl pudding meme Walking Dead After 4x09 Imgur

he got the pudding for himself - Imgur

Carl didn't give any fucks last night... - Imgur

Keep Calm and ... - Imgur

The moment Carl realizes he cannot survive on his own.

Carl Well Fuck meme Walking Dead After 4x09 Imgur

I forgot to door knob meme Carl Walking Dead After 4x09 Imgur

You know, Carl, you COULD get a new shirt while you're there.

Carl Grimes dirty shirt meme Walking Dead After 4x09 Imgur

In all seriousness, I loved the parallel between Carl and Michonne in this episode.

Both characters decided they wanted to go it alone, only to find that they needed community in the end.

A reminder of who's still alive:

walking dead who is still alive 4x09 season 4 episode 9 After Imgur


[TV Spoilers If You Haven't Seen 4x09] UPDATED & EXPANDED CHARACTER LIST w/ S1 - S4x09 (WARNING: Big Image) - Imgur

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