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Our Love Affair With the Tablet Is Over

Our Love Affair With the Tablet Is Over Re code


Now — three years and 225 million tablets later — I’m starting to see how misplaced that passion was.

The tablet couldn’t possibly shoulder all the expectations people had for it. Not a replacement for your laptop or phone — but kinda. Something you kick back with in the living room, fire up at work and also carry with you everywhere — sort of. Yes, tablets have sold in large numbers, but rather than being a constant companion, like we envisioned, most tablets today sit idle on coffee tables and nightstands. Simply put, our love for them is dying.

In some ways, I shouldn’t be surprised — the tablet has let me down before. A decade ago, I was at Microsoft trying to convince both consumers and big companies to buy tablets. A number of hardware manufacturers were partnering with Microsoft to finance and market the development of devices running Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition — a mouthful, yes, and not many customers were interested in even taking a bite.

I don't completely agree with this.  I think the tablet has created a whole new use case, but yes, it isn't a replacement for laptops or phones.  Although for many less technical people, an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard can replace a laptop pretty well.

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Tablet is not all things to all people but I do use mine every day and I do know people who use it instead of a laptop or desktop computer.

By the way, the most interesting part of this article for me is that it was written by the co-founder of, a curation startup. He has since moved on to Andreessen Horowitz, where he is a partner:

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