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Actual size of deep space objects if they were brighter.

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Someone just watched Vsauce.

Magnetic shield of Jupiter is missing!

magnetic shield of Jupiter meme imgur

magnetic shield of Jupiter vsauce Imgur 

Haha, cool! Is that a real thing?

Of course it's real! And it's scaled on these pictures (source is NASA).

We also have one on Earth, without its protection, our atmosphere would have been evaporated by the solar wind (extremely powerful and dangerous star matter emitted by the sun at any time) and there won't be life as we know it nowadays. It's what happened on Mars. : (

Can we rebuild one for Mars?

Magnetic shield? No idea, but I'm sure that at the moment we can't. We don't even understand well how the Earth's one is generated.

We barely know there's some liquid iron spinning in the middle and that should generate a magnetic field by dynamo effect. But that's very poor, the biggest problem is that we can't reach it, like, at all: it's around 6000km deep, and the deepest we've gone is 12km. Haha....

So they are some super smart techniques using the propagation of earthcake waves from a point of earth surface to another. By measuring the differences between these points, you can learn information on the strata it crossed!


But indeed, if we want to "Tera-form" Mars, one day, we will have to find a way to protect it from the solar wind, and magnetic shield is the natural solution Earth has.That's one of the multitude of reasons why life managed to develop on Earth, and that make our planet extremely exceptional and extremely precious.

Fascinating. We have much to figure out. Lucky for us you were born in this era!

I have a lot of friends more talented than me who will probably look on these things. I'm more going into exo-planets myself. Solar system is too close for me. : P

What makes far away thing more interesting to you?


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