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Genius Girl Scout Makes A Killing By Selling Girl Scout Cookies Outside Medical Marijuana Clinic

Genius Girl Scout Makes A Killing By Selling Girl Scout Cookies Outside Medical Marijuana Clinic Elite Daily


It all boils down to one of the first rules of business: know your customer.

Girl Scout Danielle, 13, knew exactly what her customers wanted when she set up her cookie table outside of the Green Cross, a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco’s Excelsior neighborhood.

“They get very hungry after!” she told the East Bay Express.

Very hungry indeed. Within 45 minutes, Danielle sold out of cookies.

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Smartest. Girl scout. EVER!

And by the way, that is the greatest picture EVER!!

I wonder if that is the strain of medical marijuana called "Girl Scout Cookies"?

Quite the little entrepreneur! 

How soon before EVERY dispensary has girl scouts selling cookies in front of it?

Shoot, Girl Scouts of Colorado has already banned it:

that is so funny that they banned it!  "no cheating!  no taking advantage of munchy stoners!"

well, i'm not a girl scout.  i suppose i could set up a cookie stand outside every dispensary!  boom!  there's our billion dollar idea.

and instead of milk, we'll offer kefir, to keep things balanced. ;)

I like that, Emily!

Unfortunately girl scout cookies are only a $700 million a year business:

I wonder if we could charge more if the cookies have marijuana in them?

Now THAT is a billion dollar idea. "Emily Moon's Cookies and Kefir" will smoke Mrs. Fields!

daaaaaannng girls... pick up the pace!  only $700,000,000 a year??

"cookies and kefir" is so good.  :)


We can definitely improve on the Girl Scout cookies business model. No doubt about it.

i'm still laughing about how we'll "smoke" mrs. fields!!!

It took me over a year but I finally get the joke! :)

hahaha!  you MADE the joke!  :)

It's funnier when you say it. :)

it'll be the tagline.  it's so good!!

Like Jim Carrey in The Mask!

jim carrey smokin gif imgur tumblr

can't stop watching...

Yeah, Jim Carrey was quite good in that movie. 

Two hours into the day, Mashable reports, Danielle Lei and her mother Carol sold 117 boxes. 

That’s 37 more than what she sold outside a supermarket over the same two-hour period the next day.

I wonder if someone is tracking junk food sales in CO and WA.

Not that I could find.

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