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The cat traps are working!

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What is it about kittens and cats that cannot resist boxes???

Someone named "Juliet" writes:

There's an old New Yorker cartoon: A young couple are in their kitchen unpacking groceries. On the floor is a paper grocery bag with a cat's tail sticking out; the bag is obviously being attacked from within.

One of the couple is asking, "What's wrong with us that we can't find happiness in an empty A&P bag?" This sometimes strikes me as a cosmic question.

Bags and boxes are essential to cat happiness.


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I'll say it again: The cat traps are working!


Sometimes cats can trap other cats!

cat trap funny

Clear traps work, too.

Tywin's new favorite thing: the bag my blanket came in... - Imgur

Look out, Schrodinger's Cat, It's a trap!


All of these photo's are so cute and funny!

And Jennie, I'm just getting started! The new cat traps are working as well!


Some cat traps are too irresistible.

cat traps funny

Dude, you need me to hold your whiskers back or something?


It's a trap!

cat trap funny

Cat traps are useful for distracting domesticated house cats:

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