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How To Be Cool: 5 Research-Backed Tips

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The science of cool.

Can we become more cool if we try?

Yes. Fake it until you make it works.

As Olivia Fox Cabane, author of The Charisma Myth, explains, attitude can be taught and improved.

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If I had to sum up cool in a word it would be: less.

Cool doesn’t try too hard. Thing is, trying is very effective in life and especially in relationships. So what gives?

By not trying, cool people signal, “I’m so smooth, I don’t have to try to get what I want.”

As Olivia Fox-Cabane points out: James Bond doesn’t plead, smile or fidget. He speaks slowly and calmly.

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Want to know a quick trick for getting people to like you? Assume they already do:

Yes, we all love confidence

Combine doing less with supreme confidence and you have the essence of cool.

Researchers gave people a course in charisma and one of the factors that produced results was acting confident.

It’s no surprise, but research shows self-esteem is sexy and looking stressed is not. For men, modesty can actually be a negative.

Focus On Attitude And Body Language Will Follow.

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Let’s round it all up:

  • Less
  • Be Confident
  • Know The Rules And Break Them
  • Focus On Attitude And Body Language Will Follow
  • Cool Isn’t Always The Coolest.

Don't rules 3 and 5 suggest not even following the rules of cool?

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