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Samantha Wright Hot Weightlifter

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Unfortunately, she's not in the Olympics this year, but hopefully one day she will be!

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Too bad that Samantha Wright will NOT be competing in the 2012 Olympics.

But she is awesome. And she will be in the 2016 Olympics, so like her.

She represents Merica!!! Be nice to her, because she can lift you.

She could be Batgirl someday. She's a gymnast-turned-weightlifter.




Samantha Wright has a tremendous work ethic.

Here's a great biography of her CrossFit work.

Video of Samantha Wright CrossFit training:

Video of Samantha Wright Athlete:

Video of Samantha Wright competing:

And Samantha Wright does handstands and can walk on her hands.

Samantha Wright was posted on too. They dubbed her "The weight lifting pixie"

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