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The takeaway from all research on money and happiness can be summarized.

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From Andy Smith's HuffPo piece Chasing Happiness: You're Doing it Wrong:

The takeaway from all of this research on money and happiness can be summarized in two short sentences:

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

Taking actions with the purpose of achieving happiness will never bear fruit unless the actions in and of themselves bring you happiness. It's an idea that goes all the way back to Aristotle but is, for some reason, harder for us to comprehend than the idea that drinking a Coke could make us happier.

If you are looking for happiness, start by figuring out how you can find meaning.

Studies show that beyond a certain threshold, how much you make is relatively unrelated to your level of happiness.


That's funny. Guy Ritchie's convoluted movie "Revolver" was the same lesson, except about Greed and killing it.

I need to watch that movie.

Nobody has actually proven that funny pictures of cats don't help though, right?


Correct. I happen to think that cats do help.

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