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Ellen Oscar Selfie: The most retweeted tweet!

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So far retweeted 2.3 million times and favorited 1 million times.

Also posted to Facebook:

So far 1.5 million likes.

As a gif:

Ellen Oscar selfie gif Imgur

Imgur comments:

Reddit comments:

Note how Bradley Cooper saves the selfie from being vertical:

Oscar 2014 selfie gif Ellen Imgur

Poor Liza Minelli. If only she were a little taller:

Ellen Oscar selfie Liza Minnelli missed out on the most retweeted photo in history because she's too small Imgur

Ellen actually took 10 selfies before and during the Oscars:

5 from Samsung, 4 from iPhone, and 1 from Adobe Social.

But this one is the most retweeted selfie of all time:

Ellen Oscar selfie Imgur

People are already photoshopping in Nicolas Cage:

Ellen Oscar selfie meme Nicolas Cage Imgur

More Reddit comments:

Lots of Kevin Spaceys:

Ellen Oscar selfie meme Kevin Spacey photoshop Imgur

But seriously, what if they were all Ellen Degeneres?

Ellen Oscar selfie tweet meme Imgur

I was truly impressed with how quickly the Kevin Spacey selfie appeared!  Almost simultaneously!

I know, right?

There's one with Grumpy Cat photoshopped in it that I'm trying to find, so keep your eyes open.

I did find a version with "could you not" girl Chloe:

Ellen Oscar selfie could you not girl Chloe meme Imgur

More context about "could you not" girl:

And some people thought it needed more Nicolas Cage:

Ellen Oscar selfie Nicolas Cage Imgur

 Awesome!  Thanks!  Not to be too greedy but would love to see the Baseball Soon woman....

Haha, I forgot about her. Will look for her...

In the meantime, all these selfies remind me of something Jim Gaffigan said:

Jim Gaffigan selfie meme instead of enjoying this moment lets take pictures Imgur

An different Oscar selfie featuring Bill Murray, Amy Poehler, Andy Samburg, Nick Offerman, Paul Rudd...

Ellen Oscar selfie Bill Murray Imgur

Imgur comments:

Reddit comments:

Bill Murray approves.

Bill Murray clapping gif Imgur Oscars 2014

Poor Leo.

Ellen Oscar selfie Leonardo Dicaprio Imgur

Let's see it one more time, for fun.

Actors assemble!

Ellen Oscar selfie gif actors assemble Imgur

Reddit comments:

Imgur comments:

Great, now disassemble!

Ellen Oscar selfie gif reverse awkward Imgur

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