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Ellen Oscar Selfie with Homer Simpson

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A Simpsonized parody of the Ellen Oscar selfie aka the most retweeted tweet of all time:

More about that tweet:

Redditor esmaycordelia explains what Ellen did:

I think it's making fun of the selfie culture that has taken so obviously over social media. Everyone takes selfies, so how does Ellen top it? She takes the most epic selfie possible (in that setting anyway). Ellen is really good at making fun of the concept of celebrity and getting people to be real (her show is hilarious). I think it is special because instead of seeing these celebrities uptight and full of themselves, we are seeing them goofing around. It's pretty refreshing, and it makes them more human."

For once, Simpsons did not do it first! This time, they were second.

Although Bart Simpson giving Meryl Streep rabbit ears is a first.

Homer is a metaphor for Leo:

Ellen Oscar Selfie Leo Dicaprio Imgur

Ellen Oscar Selfie Leo Dicaprio Imgur Simpsons Simpsonized

Ellen Oscar Selfie Leo Dicaprio Imgur

Ellen Oscar selfie Simpsons Leonardo Dicaprio Simpsonized Imgur

Ellen Oscar selfie LEGOS minifigs meme Imgur

In retrospect, the selfie came out surprisingly well for an unscripted live stunt:

Ellen Oscars selfie meme 2014 Imgur

Ellen Oscars selfie meme Angelina Jolie smiling

Ellen Oscar Selfie doge meme Imgur

Selfies at the Oscars are a tradition dating back to 1921:

Ellen Oscar selfie photoshop 1921 meme Imgur

Isn't that the final shot of "The Shining"?  :)

Holy smokes you're right!

Note the photoshopped Bradley Cooper, Ellen Degeneres, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, etc, in the bottom right of the pic.

Reddit Photoshop Battles had a field day with this:

Most popular is Lonely Cooper:

Ellen Oscar selfie lonely Bradley Cooper Imgur

And there's the theory that they weren't taking a selfie; they were watching Wolf of Wall Street:

Ellen Oscar selfie gif Imgur Matthew McConaughey chest thump Leo

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