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UC Irvine averages $4.7M Pre-Money Valuation

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OH.  MY.  GOD.  We place a higher value on a mansion than a University.  This is all wrong, even just on a real estate level.

Wait, you mean McMansion, right?  I don't think you can get a proper one for that much can you? ;-)

No you can't. 

You know, all those pre-money valuations are pretty similar.

I only took the top ones.  Some of them don't have valuations listed, have too small a sample.   I think it gets calculated by affiliation of both funders, early employees, and maybe even investors, not necessarily just founders.  Maybe their methodology makes it all average out.  Other than not having a number, they seem to average between $3.something and $5.2.  Some other interesting examples?

Singularity University, no amount listed.

Harvey-Mudd, $5.2M,

Williams, $5.2M,

Yale, $4.2M,

INSEAD (asia, eu, emea) $3.9M,

UPenn, $4.6M,

WPI, $3.5M,

Harvard Law School, $4.9M (versus Harvard in general which is only $4.6M)

Dartmouth, $4.4,

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