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The Beef Evolution Revolution: The challenge facing meat science is how to make our beef healthier but still taste like beef.

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That's attracted the attention of a few entrepreneurs, including Don Smith. The former energy executive is working with Archibeque and several other Colorado State scientists on ways to feed algae rich in omega-3's to cattle. The goal is to get omega-3 levels in the meat much closer to salmon, without triggering the fishy flavor that can come with these oils. A serving of grass-fed beef, for example, contains up to 50 milligrams of omega-3s; Smith says a serving of his beef will come closer to 140 milligrams of o-3s. That could help people get the healthy fats they need, even if they aren't seafood fans. "Not everybody likes fish. That's really what it comes down to," said Archibeque.

But don't fire up the grill yet. Right now, omega-3 infused meat is about as rare as salmon at a Texas barbecue. Smith has had so much trouble finding investors that he's resorting to crowdfunding to raise $800,000 to finance the research needed to get the beef into stores. Another company that feeds omega-3-rich flax seeds to its cattle just started distributing it's GreatO ground beef through a grocery chain in the Lone Star State. Some processed meats with omega-3 mixed in, like sausages, are sold in Europe and Japan.

Okay but beef with omega-3's is still not as good for you as fish, right?

Because red meat.

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