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Meet the 'Most Connected Man' in the World

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This is incredible:

"I've lost 100 pounds and learned to meditate," he says. "I'm much more aware of how I respond to life and take steps to adjust to my environment. I've also formed better habits thanks to the feedback I'm getting."

With so many devices to choose from, Dancy says his favorite wearables are the Body Media fitness tracker and the Pebble. He also prefers products that offer contextually aware information, such as Google Now and Google Glass.

"I am most passionate about feedback that is haptic — vibration or subtle environmental changes — such as lighting that changes to suggest the weather is changing," he said. "I do take days off with little to no tracking from wearables, but because I have so many systems that automatically track what I'm doing, it's impossible to truly disconnect."

As more companies look to integrate smart technology into products — from smart toothbrushes to tennis racquets and refrigerators — Dancy believes it's only a matter of time before people adopt a lifestyle closer to his.

"There are mountains of data in everything we use at home, even when it's not 'smart,'" Dancy said. "By the end of the decade, there will not be a job on earth that hasn't been changed by smart objects, wearable computing or personal information."

I'm trying not to be afraid of this future.

Too much data. I'm allergic to data. And rather out of Claritin. 

In the ideal future, your digital assistant will process the data on your behalf and make recommendations.

He just happens to be doing that manually.