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Tim Ferriss: 11 Tricks for Perfect Sleep

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I'm not sure how actionable these observations are, but they're fascinating to read.

1. 8-10 sleep was most dependent on the ratio of REM-to-total sleep, not total REM duration.

The higher the percentage of REM sleep, the more restful the sleep. The higher the REM percent, the better the recall of skills or data acquired in the previous 24 hours. Higher percent REM sleep also correlated to lower average pulse and temperature upon waking. Based on available studies, I expected deep wave to affect the latter two, but the correlation was erratic.

"Turning Off Monkey Mind"  it doesn't go into a great explanation, but I think I get it.

Monkey mind is just the chatter he opens the article with. I have found the Buddify 2 App which has meditations for both going to sleep and for when you can't sleep, work well. I've also gone to sleep to audio books.  Anything that engages the mind lightly but doesn't create light (like TV does) 

Otherwise the list reads like weird techie versions of folk wisdom.. The bedtime snack becomes flax seed and the bedtime swim my grandparents suggested becomes cold baths. And wtf with all the supplements and drugs? He is just getting offer and odder. 

I agree that he's getting odder. His life now consists of a bunch of strange automated rituals.

Which is making him less like a human and more like... a machine.

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