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Happy St. Patrick’s Day: The 4 Scientific Ways to Become Luckier |

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Some notes from a previous version of this article:

Lucky people aren’t always lucky — but they handle adversity differently than unlucky people.

Via Luck Factor:

  • Lucky people see the positive side of their bad luck.
  • Lucky people are convinced that any ill fortune in their lives will, in the long run, work out for the best.
  • Lucky people do not dwell on their ill fortune.
  • Lucky people take constructive steps to prevent more bad luck in the future.

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More notes on how to make your own luck:

tl;dr: The 4 characteristics of lucky people are openness to opportunities, listening to intuition, optimism, and resilience when something bad happens.

i'm great at the craps table!  but only if i'm not betting!  turns out, my luck is better when given away!

That's a good talent. It means you will never be lonely.

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