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xoJane has a cool mission statement

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interesting mission statement

True. You might want to change the title of this post to xoJane has an excellent mission. is where women go to be their unabashed selves, and where their unabashed selves are applauded -- regardless of age, size, ability, location, occupation, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, relationship status, sexual preferences or lifestyle choices. This is not the place to find out how to please your spouse, mom, kids or boss. This is the place to find and indulge in a confluence of voices -- yours and so many others. 

We are not snarky. We are inclusive and encouraging. Like Sassy and Jane before it, is written and created by an entirely devoted community of women (and some token males) who have strong ideas, identities and opinions, who are living what they are writing about. This is a nonjudgemental platform where honesty trumps all. 

This is a place where the comments are as valuable as the posts, where the commenters often become writers on the site and vice versa -- the amount and depth of the interaction between writers and readers on is unprecedented and the lines between them are intentionally blurred. is not about changing yourself to fit any mold of what others think you should be, or even what you think you should be. It is about celebrating who you are.

Great point....I generally "stash" stuff I am going to use in my writing... so I forget there's that social component, which I won't going forward -- thanks again, man!

You're welcome, Ed. And you're right, it's both saving and social. Thank you for stashing!

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