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So you want to manage a product? β€” Product Management β€” Medium

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In a nutshell

What product management isBeing the heart, mind, and voice of the userFacilitating cross-functional teamworkMaking product trade-offsMeeting an end-goal with fixed time and resourcesLeading people along a product journeyBeing positive and practicalMaking tough calls with little information

What product management is notBeing the most important voiceBeing the only idea-generatorBeing a designerBeing a programmerManaging QAOptimizing websites

This is good: "It’s not about being a starβ€Šβ€”β€ŠIt’s about managing a universe."

I like to say that being a good product manager is mostly about saying 'No'. Not just 'No', but a 'No' that comes from an informed place and where the recipient of the 'No' leaves feeling satisfied. I am also a big advocate of Product Managers owning the P&L of the product - to ensure that it generates the target revenues and profitability while maintaining strategic direction.

More on that here:

saying no

Well said. No is sometimes the hardest thing to say.

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