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Pot to be tested as remedy for PTSD

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The meat of this article is learning that rich people are funding research into marijuana and even more MDMA as helpers in PTSD.

It's a big deal that the research has gotten approval:

And last week the Department of Health and Human Services cleared the way for theUniversity of Arizona to conduct the pot study, which was applauded by both advocates of marijuana and veterans as a signature step in determining the drug's medical benefits and risks.

"It's 100 percent fantastic," said the 60-year-old Doblin, the association's executive director. "For 22 years I've been trying to study marijuana and make it a medicine. So this is a massive step."

Ever since Doblin was 18 years old and using LSD for recreation, he said he recognized a potential to do something important with hallucinogens, psychoactive drugs and marijuana. After earning a doctorate in public policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, he founded MAPS in 1986 and dedicated his life to researching and educating people about the ways they can benefit from psychedelics and marijuana.

This could open the doorway for a lot more.

yay! more efforts to heal the war wounded

It sounds like early studies are promising when it comes to medicinal marijuana and PTS.

I hear we're supposed to call it PTS because it is a condition, not a disorder.

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