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The NSA is burning down the web, but what if we rebuilt a spy-proof internet? | David Byrne, The Guardian

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It would be wonderful to have a secure internet with privacy protected.  We could demand it, by refusing to do business on an internet that spies on our movements, and sells our private information without our permission.  If we all did it together it would work, because of our sheer numbers, but it would be hard if not impossible to get everybody on board.

The first two companies that would want to be on the private Internet would be Facebook and Google.

And they would continue to collect lots of personal data.

At least the Internet we have gives no one false hope that there can be a private Internet.

A "private" Internet that isn't really private would be worse than just realizing that nothing we do on the existing Internet is truly private.

Good point ;)

Thanks -- I've thought about it a lot and decided the only private things are the ones we don't expose to any network.


Jared are there any networks secure enough that you feel your privacy is actually protected?

It would be fun to make a game out of it.  If we could see the bots following us as we search the web, we could try maneuvers to ditch them.

Sounds like it would make a great movie, too!

no. one would hope the banks but they have been hit too. I would say a bank is less risky though. 

Because they have money at stake. That makes sense. 

Great article I believe something new will emerge...time will tell and the Internet is here to stay, people will pay for their digital privacy and big tech companies will keep making money and users will keep buying communicate 

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