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Startup Lessons. Learning the hard way.

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Startup Spark Notes!

This is awesome. I need a Kindle version!

Here's the PDF version of Peter Thiel's Stanford CS 183:

Thank you @bgmasters for the notes and @andreasklinger for the pdf !!

It looks like Blake would prefer that his PDF not be distributed. Andreas has taken it down off his site.

(That being said, I still downloaded it for myself! What's the best way to get it to my Kindle?)

I hope Blake reconsiders. This content was made for Kindle.

Only second gen (and later) Kindle devices support PDF.

Here's how to transfer:

In English:

I have a copy of the PDF but it's 28 Meg so Gmail won't let me email it to people.

(Gmail has a 25 Meg upload limit. Google Fail!)

It's 700 pages!!

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