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HackerNews attacked Wanelo founder for being a single, woman, non-technical founder when someone posted her First Million Users slide deck

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HackerNews community assumed she booted her technical co-founder and attacked Deena. Of course they were wrong. 

This thread showcases every bad thing you already think about the HackerNews community.

What makes this thread special is that both Deena and the Indian guy who built the first version of Wanelo wrote about what happened and dealt the HackerNews community a cup of STFU. 

Any tl;dr on what is HackerNews? Look very murican thing, never heard about it.

HackerNews is a customized Reddit built by the original investors in Reddit, Y Combinator.

It is a (very Murican) community of 100,000+. Mostly young (18-24) white male entrepreneur types.

Okay so a bunch of mildly interesting narrow minded wasp entrepreneurs. Amirite?

Yes you are!

I'm not crazy about Redditch.... they have this "insider" mentality with that "karma" krap. It posted two things....and it won't let me post anything else, it keeps saying "you've posted a lot of comments, please try later." Bunch of krap! I call it the anti-social media platform.

They are very quick to ban people on Reddit, it's true.

Well, as I realized, it's not like Twitter or FB or PandaWhale or Pinterest.... You can't promo your own blog. Yet somehow competitors of mine are using Reddit to do just thst... The couple stories I got on their really drove traffic to my site. I just don't get how they do it and I can't !!!

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