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10 Cloud Storage Services, Recommendations, and Tips

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If you are new to the cloud check out these ten services.

Google Drive is the most competitively priced.

Why is it not killing the others?

I believe because of perceived complexity.

Other services pay an amount and you put your files in this single bucket/site until you reach a storage limit. Google's paid storage is shared across multiple services. You use Picasa for Photos, but could also use Drive for photos, but Drive is actually laid over Docs (which still exist by the way) were you can add other files types. You can convert your files to Open formats. Your Gmail is all in the mix too with an upgrade to 25 GB when you buy a paid plan. Drive and Picasa have a base free storage and files under a certain size don't count for Picasa, but then G+ photos don't count, but they are stored in Picasa... :)

It is great for the techie, but other services are much easier to use and understand.

I see your point.

DropBox by comparison is so simple.

And Google cannot make Drive simpler by adding bells and whistles.

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