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How Google search results changed from 2008 to 2012:

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Image actually comes from It Really Is A Google World and We Are All Just Living in It.


Now compare them with this screenshot from Naval Ravikant in 2005 on why Google won:


I think he incorrectly characterized the Ask experience. He's far more generous. It's 5 layers of toolbars and installed spamware.

Google can be summed up as: "We know what you want" which is about as creepy as "We know what you did last summer".

Still, "We know what you want" is less creepy than Facebook's "We will keep collecting as much information we can about you no matter where you go on the Web or mobile device."

And yes, Naval was kind to Ask, though remember this was 7 years ago.

The main point remains: I'm shocked PandaWhale gets any Google referrals at all, given that we pay Google no money.

Yes, Ask now is different than Ask then.

There's all different types of referrals. ;-)

I find it sad.

Google has been MSNBC-ing its search page for a while now.

What made them great was that they knew how to quickly get you OFF of their site, and they were able to make money by being great at that.

I would really like to see them get rid of the left-hand column and the ridiculous integrated G+/GMail/Google Docs nav bar at the top. They can save that for when you're using G+.

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