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iOS Users Overwhelmingly Prefer Free Games With Advertisements to Paid Titles

iOS Users Overwhelmingly Prefer Free Games With Advertisements to Paid Titles Mac Rumors


When asked about their preference for the types of games online gamers preferred, advertising supported games were chosen by the vast majority of those surveyed. 70% of respondents said they preferred free games supported by advertising and 16% preferred freemium games with the option to pay for levels in the game. Only 14% preferred online games they had to pay for to play. Gamers also prefer advertising models that give them control over their viewing. When asked if they prefer games that let them choose when and how to view ads over those that do not, 71% preferred that level of control.

Gamers also overwhelmingly preferred value exchange ads within freemium games, which allow users to play videos or view other advertisements in exchange for in-game currency or items. The recently released Disco Zoo provides a good example of such a system, rewarding players with in-game Bux for viewing short videos. The addition of free in-game items acquired through advertisements boosted time spent within games by approximately 28 percent. 

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I find it surprising that most consumers would RATHER have ads than pay for their games.

As the creator of Flappy Birds showed us, many people will tolerate ads if they like the game.

This is probably part of what made Angry Birds go with a free model, too.

The most successful model though is the Supercell Clash of Clans and King Candy Crush model -- the game is free, but paying for things helps your gameplay.

NOT ME!  Give me those paid games!  I don't even install that free swill on my iphone. 

Haha, have you played "Threes" yet on your iPhone? It costs 2 bucks, no ads, and I'm hooked!

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