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Delasoul x BitTorrent Bundle | The Official BitTorrent Blog

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BitTorrent has been evolving. (???)  Finally branded into the direct, artist-audience content distribution network it fashioned itself as... kind of under the radar, but steadily an impressive gallery/discography.

Legit curatorial so far, very intriguing.


>> Mary Gold -

So it's kind of like Netflix or Pandora?

i guess, as a (distribution) network for content.




About BitTorrent Bundle

BitTorrent Bundle is an Alpha project, made with and for the web’s creative community. Our mission is to help artists connect directly with fans, inside the content they share.

Each BitTorrent Bundle, like this one, created in partnership with De La Soul, allows artists to distribute content directly to the Internet. And each Bundle comes with a key. Fans can unlock artist content with an email address. The idea is to make each song a storefront, and each file more valuable, each time it’s shared. Got ideas for the next BitTorrent Bundle? Hit us up.

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