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What’s it like to be a Suicide Girl? · A.V. Club

Whats it like to be a Suicide Girl Expert Witness The A V Club

Julie Kennedy is Lass Suicide:

Julie Kennedy Lass Suicide hot tattoos redhead suicidegirl Imgur Tumblr SG

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What It's Like to Be a Suicide Girl:

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A.V. Club commenter Mrs. Langdon Alder has been Suicide GirlMorgan Suicide (spoiler alert: That’s not her real last name.) since 2002. She reached out to The A.V. Club to tell her story, and since we’re as interested in boobs and pay structures as anyone, we decided to take her up on the sexy, sexy offer.

LOL at the phrase "boobs and pay structures".

two of the best things about the internet...=p

On the other hand, Suicide Girls (the company) vastly underpays its models:

Suicide Girls audition line gif 2015:

suicide girls audition line gif imgur gfycat hot 2015

Suicide Girls audition line gfycat:

Lolana Suicide 2015:

lolana suicide hot smile booty dance gif imgur gfycat

Lolana Suicide instagram video gfycat:

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