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From Jerry Yang -- Zuckerberg joins the $1 CEO club

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I'm sure these guys will be next.

Mark Zuckerberg joins the $1 salary clubThe club also has some notable alums: Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang  took a $1 salary when he came back to lead Yahoo, and Apple founder Steve Jobs' former  $1 salary made him a member, too. "What we're talking about here are exceptional ones—" says Aaron Boyd, Equilar's director of ...

Steve Jobs' compensation was $1 + billions in stock options + a Gulfstream V.

Let's not confuse the $1 salary with a generous spirit or a willingness to just work for fun.

I agree, it's just a gesture, but a good one.   

It's a signal to the shareholders that from now on his wealth is dependent on how the stock does.

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