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Did you know you can bottle-feed a manatee?

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Super cute!

When it comes to adorable animal babies, few species are quite as cute as Amazonian river manatees -- or as vulnerable to environmental threats. Each year, countless manatee calfs are left orphaned after their mothers are either killed by poachers or starved due to rampent overfishing in their river habitat. But fortunately for those defenseless youngsters lucky enough to find rescue, a helping hand is never too far out of reach...

Amazonian manatees have been protected as an Endangered Species under Brazilian law since 1967. Although traditionally manatees have been hunted for food in the Amazon, more recently fishermen have been known to kill the animals for use as bait, and to limit competition for an often scarce stock of fish.

Super adorable!

bottle feed a baby manatee

bottle feed a baby manatee

bottle feed a baby manatee bottle feed a baby manatee

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