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See-Through Tech Dress: INTIMACY 2.0

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The Daily Dot reports there is now a couture dress that is so tech-savvy it can detect when you're turned on. When you are, the dress becomes transparent. It's called INTIMACY 2.0 (in caps), and it comes from Studio Roosegaarde, a "social design lab for interactive art, fashion, and architecture" based in China and the Netherlands.

According to the project description on its website, the garment is intended to "explore the relationship between intimacy and technology."

What?! Who would want this???

I wonder.  Perhaps the bored, the clueless, the jokester or someone really into truth in engineering.

Makes a fine gift?

I'll see you and raise you this:

A Japanese bra that unlocks when you are truly in love!

Dammit, the bra is not for sale!

Yes, not for sale, just for publicity:

The creators claim the bra knows how women truly feel, helping men know when to approach and when to back off.

The bra is part of Ravijour's publicity campaign marking the brand's 10-year anniversary and is not for sale.

Looks like an ordinary bra:

Japanese bra helps women find Mr Right not Mr Right Now

Still, it's a cool demo:

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