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Best part about this amazing trailer: they moved the release date up to October. :)

They need to have Christopher Nolan take over the bond series next.

What confuses me is how they began a story arc in casino royale -- which was brilliant -- continued it through Quantum of Solace, and then completely abandoned it for Skyfall -- if I understand correctly.

"This movie will not follow-on from the previous two films the way Quantum of Solace followed Casino Royale. Producer Barbara Broccoli said that the series "will go on to other different stories from now on." However, the appearance of the QUANTUM organization is still likely, but helmed by different villains. Broccoli has also hinted at the possibility of a trilogy, stating: "I think in some way, he will go after the [Quantum] organization. So in that sense, it may become a trilogy, but we haven't really structured it that way."

Nevertheless, this looks to be another exciting movie in the bond series.

Would Christopher Nolan consider it? 

For the record, it wasn't a good choice. For every Old Bond fan in whom they rekindled the Bond spirit, they lost a nascent Bond fan like me. 

My answer from another answer:

" If he gets the right opportunity. He has gone on record to say that "if the timing is right" he'd love to do Bond. It's his dream movie; his raison d'être almost. To get a chance to do Bond. I think we already missed the window no Liam Neeson doing Bond, even though he was asked in 94. I think Nolan could have done an incredible twist on Bond with an older retired Bond coming out of retirement. Think Batman Beyond, but for Bond. Who else are good choices for a Nolan-bond? Hugh Jackman, possibly.Joseph Gordon Levitt, ironically, since Nolan won't direct him as Batman. He cleans up well and would inspire a younger, newer generation of Bond fans, even though he's American. 

Tom Hardy would be a great Bond. I think that's it. Nolan & Tom Hardy. Hardy gets to do major film with Nolan as a lead actor, instead of with a mask on (TKDR) or as a supporting cast (Inception).

I was hoping for a great end to Quantum story line in one or two movies with Daniel Craig, with a fresh start.

How MGM, a failing studio, could pass on an opportunity to give Christopher Nolan -- box office gold -- for .... direct Bond is beyond me. Perhaps that is why they are bankrupt. They are clueless.

Inception, the Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises is basically a Nolan audition for James Bond. Huge set pieces. Bond references everywhere (like the third level in Inception; the scene on skis). Incredible motion, photography, and engaging characters.

At this point, it might be more likely we'll see Nolan do Bourne than do Bond. 

He wants it though. He does want it.

Christopher Nolan on Man of Steel, Heath Ledger, James Bond, and iMax - PandaWhale

Christopher Nolan on Man of Steel, Heath Ledger, James Bond, and iMax - PandaWhale


Not every Nolan movie did well in the box office.

Insomnia and Prestige come to mind.

 You had to go back 6 years to find one. And since then, he's directed 3 (The Dark Knight, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) -- one of which is entirely his own original creation --  and is producing a fourth (Man of Steel).

Runner, runner, runner. If he does two more $1bn movies, he basically hits the straight flush.

For the record, The Prestige beat the production budget by almost three times: even though it was poorly marketed. Insomnia had similar numbers: 

Insomnia is probably the worst of the Nolan films, and still, 3x return on production budget. So at least, even with hollywood accounting, the studio should break even, no? 

Perhaps MGM is doing better recently: since their 2010 bankruptcy: but still...

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