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Top 25 lines from @bhorowitz at #geeksvsuits ...

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Last night I live tweeted the #geeksvsuits chat with Ben Horowitz.


And of course my once-live tweets will disappear from Twitter soon, so I'm cutting and pasting my favorites here...

25. "Monetization is a byproduct from creating a product that improves people's lives."

24. "I'd rather be right than consistent."

23. "You only experience two emotions at a startup: euphoria and terror. Both are made worse by lack of sleep."

22. "You've got to think about why your 20th employee would join your company. Why would a world-class employee number twenty join your company? The only answer is you're working on a great breakthrough."

21. "The big skill that separates women from the girls in Silicon Valley is: Can you, starting with nothing, get product-market fit?"

20. "If you don't know what you want, it is very unlikely you will get it."

19. "You need invention AND entrepreneurship to build a successful company."

18. "A company that outsources software development?! Yeah, that is pretty dumb."

17. "The idea of outsourcing engineering was conceived by someone who just doesn't understand."

16. "CEOs who've done it well -- John Mortgridge, Eric Schmidt, Bill Campbell -- basically got on the same page as the tech founder."

15. "The best product doesn't always win, but the winning product usually ends up becoming the best."

14. Entrepreneur: "Our company is going to stay 15 people forever." @bhorowitz: "Oh, so you're planning to fail."

13. "Some entrepreneurs think sales and marketing are either easy or unnecessary."

12. "In a startup there is a healthy tension between what's needed and what's possible."

11. "Trust and communication are actually equivalent."

10.. "100% of the time "Freaky Friday" has worked as a management technique."

9. "The one thing you can't learn in business school is management."

8. "You want people who are ambitious for the company, not for themselves."

7. "When everyone loves you it gets to your head and then your start doing bad things."

6. "Netscape went from 0 to 3000 people in two years."

5. "Early Twitter went for years without needing anybody who wasn't an engineer."

4. "My mother always told me that if you ask for a million dollars, be sure to wear a suit."

3. "Hip hop is the only music that deals with the same conflicts CEO's go through: competition and confrontation."

2. "Management consultants have never managed a hot dog stand."

1. "The hard bits of management are all super emotional."

Silicon Valley has a culture of paying forward and giving back.

Every time I attend an event like this it makes me want to give back.

In hearing these stories, we know that we are not alone.



Great inspiration and direction here.

I remember reading this from twitter and really liked it. Had no idea this was your startup, have some ideas if you want to meetup for some coffee

LOVE this.

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