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The Email Pitch - How to pitch investors over email

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Refreshingly well-written guide.

Thanks for stashing this, Brian. Worth reading several times.

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Important is the first email:

The general rule of thumb when you contact investors by email the first time is: if an investor can’t read your email is less than 10 seconds, then he probably won’t email back. The longer your email is, the longer it takes someone to mentally process it, and it becomes easier for them to hit the delete button. Also remember, attachments or links other than in your signature will probably NEVER get clicked.

One investor actually said the greatest email they ever got was “I’m busy. You’re busy. This what I have (described company in 3 words), this is what I need (dollar amount). Want to talk?”  If you can fit it all in the subject line, do that.

Your signature when you contact investors is pretty important. Have two quick links in it: one for you, one for your company. Preferably your website, twitter, and/or LinkedIn account. This does not go in the body of the email to investors, only your signature.