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Earthships — The Ultimate Green Homes

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These were big in the 70's but are they making a comeback?!?

Well, this was written by a woman in London so unclear if there is U.S. interest.

The water system is pretty brilliant btw:

earths hip water system meme imgur

What is an earthship?

Earthship is a concept of over 40 years and yet the first one ever built in Europe was in 2000. The idea is a trademark of Michael Reynolds — an US architect. In the 70s, Reynolds envisioned a home which would have three exciting traits — self sustainability, construction utilizing basic and recycled materials for the most part and affordability to the average man.

So, what is an Earthship ?


It’s a home completely or for most of it’s part off the grid. That means no electricity and water lines. There is nothing to tie it to any utility services, which eradicates dozens of potential problems.

Read more:

a woman in London here, I think that due the internet and a huge community of eco-green-planet-lovers, call them what you will, sustainable ideas like this one are getting more exposure. 

As for me, I just found it awesome and wrote about it. :) Cheers

Agreed that these ideas are getting more exposure. 

I'm happy you found it awesome and wrote about it!

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