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Veruca Salt Seether and Superdrag Sucked Out and Spacehog In The Meantime and Breeders Cannonball and Smashing Pumpkins

Two songs from the mid 1990s that I used to play a lot.

Can't believe these songs are almost 20 years old.

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Also popular around that time: Green Day, Weezer, the Breeders, and Smashing Pumpkins.

I had no idea at the time that the 1990s had their own sound.

As exemplified by Spacehog - In the Meantime:

Seether is neither loose nor tight, one of my favorites, as is Spacehog's in the meantime :) Smashing Pumpkins was probably my favorite band of that time, saw them at Lollapalooza at the Gorge at George  One of the best concerts, they were the closing act, and it was magical :)

Janill, wow!

What's amazing to me is those songs -- "Seether", "In the Meantime", and Smashing Pumpkins -- all seemed huge at the time but really in retrospect they were only big for a moment.

Neither Veruca Salt nor Spacehog had another hit.

Smashing Pumpkins lasted a little longer but frankly they've done nothing brilliant for 15 years.

The mid-1990s are like a wonderful, short-lived bubble when Rock had a short reign.


One thing I didn't realize until just recently, was the lead singer of The Breeders, Kim Deal was in the band The Pixies.  Kelley Deal, also in the band is Kim's identical twin sister.

Yes! The Breeders were like an indie supergroup.

Just like Veruca Salt and Spacehog, they peaked with this one song.

It's like the 1990s chewed up bands and spit them out.

Even relatively successful ones like No Doubt and Stone Temple Pilots lasted less than a decade.

Nirvana's three years in the spotlight made them one of the more timeless bands of the era.

90's were a pivotal time in music, we had come through the birth of MTV, the video, and I think it was a time of the great alternative music expansion, and the beginning of the new world of an astronomical amount of bands to choose to listen to.  I don't know what the numbers are, but if you compare the number of bands in the 70's to the 90's and beyond, I would expect to see a huge leap ;)

I guess that's it. After the 1990s there were fewer huge bands, and instead there are many modestly successful bands. YouTube made it so small artists could find audience too.

Ever hear Red Five "Space" from 1995?

No, hadn't heard of them, but like their look and sound ;)

They were clearly influenced by the other groups on this page. That mid 90s sound.

Veruca's back:

Wow, they have barely aged!